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Auto Industry Marketing

The automotive industry is unique. A culture unto itself, it is made up of dealers, repair shops, body shops, towing companies, insurance and parts supply, all sharing a common passion; cars. This common thread creates a basis for techniques on how to promote to clients in the industry and how businesses promote to retail consumers. By hooking into promotional products that "speak" to the auto industry consumer, a small business can leverage the culture to create more effective promotions. These marketing tools can also be practical, making them even more attractive to the end user. Safety items, auto accessories and tools all create effective giveaways for businesses in the auto industry.
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Auto Industry Marketing
Auto Industry Marketing Safety - Repair shops, body shops, insurance companies and tow trucks are all part of a support network that is called upon during a road emergency. Having a brand front and center during that crisis time is critical to the success of a business. Emergency roadside kits are an effective way of delivering a brand and contact information during an accident or breakdown. From simple safety kits to elaborate emergency supply bags that include jumper cables and hazard signals, these auto safety items can be just as effective in keeping drivers safe while help arrives as they are at promoting a business.

Accessorize - The auto industry is all about accessorizing. From detailing a car to showing off affinity for an auto brand to branding a racecar with supporter logos, car enthusiasts enjoy items that enhance and reflect the image of their autos. Custom accessories such as engraved metal key tags, license plate frames and vanity plates are all tailor mad to the consumer who wants to show off their loyalty to a car brand or even a parts supplier. Pairing contact info with the branded auto accessories make it even more convenient to reach out when services are needed.

Tools - Car repair and tools go hand in hand. Pairing an auto industry business with a convenient promotional tool is a great way get a brand to stick after a promotional effort. From a simple custom tire gauge to a fully functional tool set, small businesses can hand out a useful tool with their logo or message on it. Budget friendly multi-tools and metal flashlights will impress with their perceived value, while keeping the promotional budget low enough for small businesses. Even though there won't be many who use these tools for serious repairs, they will definitely be appreciated as a backup in a glove box or stowed in the trunk.

The best part of advertising to the automotive market is the fact that it taps into passion. Trade customers and retail customers alike are "gear heads" at heart and they respond to promotional giveaways that are both relevant and practical, coming in handy during auto emergencies or providing a use when needed.

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